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Here's an extremely useful list of mobile apps (#android and #iOS) which can store their data on your own #nextcloud instead of at the server of one or another random provider. Keep your data under control!

Good morning!

Good thing, we already deactivated our FB account.

Probably you should do this too, while having your first coffee this week.

Good morning!

Enjoy your first coffee of this week, while reading "Why I'm done with Chrome" by Matthew Green.

Have a nice week!


Die neuen Anti-Terror-Pläne der EU enthalten #Uploadfilter für extremistische Inhalte. Unter die Definition von Extremismus können auch Tier-, Umwelt- oder Datenschützer*innen fallen. Deshalb haben wir immer vor einer solchen Zensurinfrastruktur gewarnt!

Yesterday the passed Article 13 which will require all platforms to implement paving the way to perfect ☹️

It's not too late yet, but it will take a lot of efforts to prevent this madness introduced by lobyists to become reality.

RT The Australien Government has made an ad about its anti-encryption law and it's surprisingly honest and informative 🇦🇺👁📲 #DefendEncryption

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Software will shape our future. I wish more software developers would understand the special responsibility they have.

Aaaand we are back online on v.2.4.5!

Easy update as usual - rocks!

The recent #Redis cases shows that developers should care more about licenses and project policies. Think twice before contributing to software covered by a #CLA, especially if you have to assign your copyright to a commercial entity. #CommonsClause #OpenSource #FreeSoftware

Mastodon v2.5.0rc1 (release candidate) is out for those who want to test it:

Improvements include:

- New profiles
- MySpace Top 8 (not really)
- Remote interactions for toots
- Federation relays
- Admin dashboard
- tootctl command-line interface
- and more! :toot:

Good morning!

Procter&Gamble wants to trademark abbreviations like LOL, WTF and so on.

Can't be real? Think again:

Once again, the US government is trying to push into helping them wiretapping the FB messenger.

That's one of the reasons why we rely on true end to end encryption only and decentralization through federation.

Free Open Source Software making it possible!

Did you know that the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is using #Nextcloud?

“The main reasons to choose Nextcloud were [..] the open source strategy. We do not just have our hands on our data but also on the whole software itself, and can therefore decide which parts of the Nextcloud system we will enable or disable."

We cover what's new for developers in #nextcloud 14 and it is A LOT. For one, you'll get trash and versioning support in #android with 14.

Also, beta 4 is out! Remember, you can earn a 👕 if you find an upgrade bug!

The new 2.0 brings improved performance & UI. It is the main way users sync #nextcloud calendar and contacts to their #android phone. We integrated an easy Nextcloud account setup for DAVDroid to make this easier. Enjoy the new version!

In our latest blog entry, we have a look at our social media strategy and why we dumped and joined 😎

Feel free to ask us any questions!

"Let's make some money" says to

With Soldupe you'll get an compliant chatservice capable of real end-to-end encryption and absolutely 100% ad free!

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