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We are a web based service which aims at giving our users back their digital freedom!

Soldupe lets you sync your personal data across your devices and provides you e2e encrypted communication channels while fully respecting your !

How we doing this?

By using FOSS as client and backend software, utilizing open standards and protocols only, as well as transparent ToS!

Learn more:

Nice to meet you everyone! 😀

@rysiek hasn't #Signal demanded people not connect third-party clients to their servers? In fact, any binaries not distributed by them (they refuse to let #FDroid distribute their app). These are only two of many reasons not to support Signal with your unpaid time:

I'd recommend working on a native #SailFish client for #Wire instead. They are a) already close to feature parity with Signal b) actively working towards server>server federation:

We're looking for someone with a deep knowledge of international policymaking forums, and substantial management experience, to help us further EFF’s mission around the globe. Join EFF as International Policy Director:

What's the difference between Soldupe and free cloud services?

-- We dont place any ads in our products. --
-- We don’t analyze your data or meta-data. --

So, if you need another reason to get Alexa out of your home or keep it out, here you go:

"Amazon employees are listening to, transcribing and even joking about the private conversations customers have with Alexa on their smart speakers."

This is essentially what #article13 will be in reality as opposed to what claims it will do.
current mood: absolutely losing it over these pics of bad panoramas of dog@AxelVossMdEP@twitter.como/bnUpLztGbH

Not caring about privacy is often an indicator of privilege. But the surveillance and data abuse that happens to the poor and marginalized is a possible future for everyone.

Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of weirdo tech bro replies to her posts

By the way, in case you missed it, you can follow PeerTube accounts from Mastodon and other Fediverse networks.

You don't need to use PeerTube to follow PeerTube accounts! PT is part of the Fediverse, so it can be followed from elsewhere on the Fediverse.

This has been a long time coming.

Check out our website's fresh new look:

There are many changes still to come. Find out what's next:

EU and US government agencies converge on conclusion: US cloud platforms not GDPR compliant. Only a self hosted, open source and decentralized alternative like Nextcloud is the solution.

If you are configuring webservers, at you can find strong ciphers suites for , and

Drop in configuration snippets, nevertheless you should know what you are doing!😉

.@nextcloud is well known as an online file storage system, but did you know it also has a wide range of useful add-ons?

You can take a look at:

Some highlights include video chat, collaborative document editing, calendars, music libraries, news feeds etc.

Once you've installed #NextCloud, you can add these extras very easily from the built-in app store.

You can also use NextCloud through a managed service such as or

If you are in a photo that has been uploaded to Flickr, IBM may have used your face to train facial recognition technology that could eventually be used to surveil you.

Nearly a million photos were scraped from Flickr to do so.

Our project wouldn't exist without everything the community, contributors and many people have done.

Thank you!

We can't wait to share many new updates that will be shipping soon 🚀

#pixelfed #activityPub #fediverse #powerToThePhotos #federation

You are looking for a fully managed installation?

- dedicated server for you alone
- 4TB Storage
- fast i7 CPU
- 32GB RAM
- 1GBps guaranteed bandwidth
- unlimited data transfer

Send us an email or reach out to us here on Mastodon!

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