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We are a web based service which aims at giving our users back their digital freedom!

Soldupe lets you sync your personal data across your devices and provides you e2e encrypted communication channels while fully respecting your !

How we doing this?

By using FOSS as client and backend software, utilizing open standards and protocols only, as well as transparent ToS!

Learn more:

Nice to meet you everyone! 😀

Good morning!

Today is and to celebrate that, we are giving away a free offline notebook and 0 (zero) setup costs for all customers ordering a Soldupe Standalone instance until February 28th!

Spread the word and get yourself the digital freedom you deserve!

Don't forget: Coming Monday (Jan. 28th) is Data Protection Day!

And we will reveal some good news! 😎

Have a nice weekend!

What’s the difference between Soldupe and free cloud services?

We guarantee our users that we keep their data secure and private.

What we do not:

We don’t scan/analyze your data or communication traffic.
We don’t run any tracking software.
We don’t place any advertisements.

What we do:

We encrypt data in motion everywhere.
Encryption of data at rest is mandatory.
We rely on open source software.

- 4TB fully managed
- Nextcloud Talk included
- Metadata handling configured as you like
- dedicated server
- 1Gbps guaranteed bandwidth

Free yourself from bad weather clouds and become digitally independent!

#nextcloud 15 allows system administrators to enforce 2FA & makes it secure-but-easy for users. This could have thwarted the attack that stole millions at European banks!

We support a lot of 3rd party apps, which have all two things in common:

1. They are open-source
2. They support open standards only

Check for more information:

Google removed a photo I took from Google+ because of ‘Spam’. This centralized services need to be replaced with true distributed and federated services.

Soldupe Sync - the free Android client for syncing your calendars, tasks and contacts with Soldupe Cloud Services!

Are you looking for your own fully managed instance?
We can help you out with 4TB storage and doing all the admin work for you!

With 14 days money back guarantee!

"Being a dissident is hard enough... anonymized communication is a godsend."

You can help us keep Tor strong for activists in 2019 by making a donation.

Tomorrow is the last day for your donation to count twice: #TorStories #privacy #internetfreedom #activism

Looking for a last minute present?

Why not give a away 4TB of to your loved ones? 🎅

Just let us know in the comments field, that we should send you a code!

We have a fully compliant server at your service - supporting real end-to-end encryption through 😎

Try 30 days for free!

Are you looking for a way to regain your digital freedom?

We can help you:

- sync your personal data
- share and collaborate
- Video Chat
- E2E encrypted XMPP
- 30 days free trial

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